2013 According to Jumbo Rate News: The Year in Retrospect

2013 According to Jumbo Rate News: The Year in Retrospect

January brought with it the expiration of the Transaction Account Guaranty Program (TAG). (JRN 30:01)

February’s report to Congress shows Bank parts of TARP made a profit for taxpayers. (JRN 30:07)

March: We learned that senior executives of Ally Financial are earning as much as $9.5 million when the suggested cap is $500,000. (Ally Financial, formerly GMAC, was classified as an “Exceptional Assistance Recipient” due to the amount and nature of its bailout.) (JRN 30:12)

April: A new $100 bill was unveiled. (JRN 30:16)

May: President Obama nominated Penny Pritzger (for the second time) to be Secretary of Commerce, a position that had been vacant for almost a year. This time she was confirmed. (JRN 30:18)

June: Report shows that consumers who signed an opt-in agreement for the “courtesy” of being allowed to overdraw their account paid average account fees of $196 in 2011 while those who did not opt-in paid just $28. (JRN 30:23)

July: Stricter capital rules hit U.S. banks as regulators aim to make biggest banks also the strongest. (JRN 30:26)

August: Vice Chair Janet Yellen earned Bauer’s recommendation for next Fed Chairman. (JRN 30:30)

September: Foreign Deposits officially declared Not FDIC Insured. (JRN 30:35)

October: Janet Yellen gets nod from President. (JRN 30:39)

November: The International Financial Stability Board joins in the cry to end “Too Big to Fail”. (JRN 30:44)

December: The stock market hit a new record high and the dollar climbed against a number of foreign currencies, all because Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke signaled a change to its massive bond buying. (JRN 30:48)