Newly Released Bauer Ratings Show Recommended Banks Back to 2005 Levels

Newly Released Bauer Ratings Show Recommended Banks Back to 2005 Levels

June 10, 2015: BAUERFINANCIAL, Inc., the nation’s bank rating firm, has just released starratings based on newly released March 31, 2015 financial data. The ratings are free to the public at

This quarter, the nation’s banks had the highest percentage of Recommended Banks (5-Stars or 4-Stars) since the third quarter of 2005 with 80% earning one of the two top ratings from Bauer.

Almost all states showed year-over-year improvement in the percent of recommended banks which now account for over 90% of the banks headquartered in ten states (100% in Alaska and New Hampshire).

However, eight states still report a double digit percentage of Troubled and Problematic Banks (2-Stars or below). They are: Georgia with 18.6%; South Carolina at 17.5%; Arizona with 13.6%; New Jersey has 11.3%; Delaware and Hawaii each have 11.1%; Colorado has 10.5% and Rhode Island with 10%.

Federally-insured credit unions showed marginal improvement from a year ago with 78.8% currently earning Bauer’s recommendation. Six states boast recommended credit unions of greater than 90%. They are: South Carolina (94.2%); Wyoming (93.1%); Washington (92.1%); Alaska and Maine (91.7%); and Colorado (90.7%). Virginia credit unions had the highest percent rated 2-stars or below (9.7%) followed by South Dakota (9.5%).

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