We’re Not Santa But We Have Lists: New Bank Data

We’re Not Santa But We Have Lists: New Bank Data

December 15, 2015: BAUERFINANCIAL, Inc., the nation’s leading independent bank rating firm, has just released its latest bank and credit union ratings; look them up for FREE at! Institutions rated 5-Stars or 4-Stars are Recommended by the rating firm (the Recommended Bank Report is one list), while those rated 2-Stars or below can be found on its Troubled and Problematic Reports (one for banks and another for credit unions).

“The banking industry is in the best condition its been in a decade, explains Karen L. Dorway, president of BauerFinancial, “but that doesn’t mean all financial institutions are in great condition. They may look similar on the outside and even on the inside, but financial institutions can be worlds apart on their books! If you have a loan, a line of credit or uninsured deposits at a bank or credit union, it pays to monitor its star -rating,” she continued.

“The beauty of Bauer’s star-ratings is, you don’t have to understand the books. Bauer takes all of the guesswork out by assigning a star-rating. Check the rating of your bank or credit union and get 2016 off on the right foot. Chances are, it will be good news…but if it isn’t, then you can do something about it. Perhaps purchase one of Bauer’s Lists (Reports) to help you select an alternative.”

Looking up the star-ratings is easy: simply visit and select bank or credit union. Click on the “Tell me More” button for overview of the institution. That’s free as well. Check the rating of your banks and/or credit unions today!