2017: The Year of the Community Bank

2017: The Year of the Community Bank

Coral Gables, FL, March 16, 2017: BAUERFINANCIAL has released its latest book: Top 100 Community Banks in 100 Categories. Since 2017 has been dubbed “the year of the community bank”, this book focuses on the 90% of the banking industry that represents community banking. Community banks are the unsung heroes in an industry that has been overshadowed by the Big Banks.

These community banks are formed locally to serve the needs of friends and neighbors. The employees of these institutions shop at the same grocery stores as the rest of the townspeople and their children play on the same sports teams. They make local decisions that ultimately affect the local community. If those decisions are prudent, the whole community benefits. These are the banks championed in this 2017 Edition of Bauer’s Top 100 Community Banks in 100 Categories.

The financial data used to create this book is as of June 30, 2016 and most categories are broken down regionally. Find out about the banks in your region; sample categories include:

  • Asset Growth (year over year)
  • Most assets per employee (measures efficiency)
  • Construction loan growth (year over year)
  • Consumer loan growth (year over year)
  • Highest leverage capital ratio (measures strength)
  • Largest net interest margin (measures profitability)

A wealth of information can be at your fingertips for just $24.95 (free shipping). Order yours today: Call 800.388.6686, email or visit to view sample pages and order online.

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