March 13, 2020: BauerFinancial, Inc., Coral Gables, FL, the nation's leading independent bank and credit union rating firm, is pleased to announce that the financial condition of the nation's bank and credit union industries are possibly the strongest we have seen in our lifetime. That will prove to be invaluable as we come to grips with the full impact of COVID-19. Federal and state regulators are encouraging the financial institutions to do whatever they can to meet the financial needs of their customers and members.

Federally-insured banks and credit unions will work constructively with borrowers and others-within safety and soundness-to minimize the adverse financial effects on customers, members and communities as we navigate our way around and through this virus.

All new ratings, based on December 31, 2019 financial data, on all U.S. banks and credit unions are now available-free of charge-at (no need to leave home). Star-ratings are assigned on a scale of zero to five-stars with five-stars being the strongest and reflect the overall financial strength of the institution. Bear in mind that a financial institution that has a proven history of safe lending will be in a better position to help more people today.

Look for banks or credit unions rated either 5-Stars or 4-Stars as these are all recommended by Bauer. That gives you a great deal of leeway since over 90% of banks and over 80% of credit unions have currently earned these top tier ratings.

To find out the rating of your bank or credit union, simply visit Look up as many ratings as you like. Free really does mean Free. While you're there, check out our CD rate pages to get the best CD rates in the country and read all about the current status of the banking industry, all from the comfort of your home.

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Members of the press may request a free spreadsheet of all the bank and/or credit union star ratings in their state, along with financial highlights, by emailing