Bauer’s New Historical Bank Report Generator

Historical Bank Report Generator (select Your Dates)

Bauer’s New Historical Bank Report Generator

BauerFinancial, Inc., the nation’s premier Bank and Credit Union rating firm, is excited to add to its extensive line of bank report products. For the first time, and available for immediate download, customers can compare any bank’s current data (balance sheet, income statement, capital ratios and peer group comparison graphs) to four other quarters of their choice.

“This report is a real game-changer,” remarks Karen L. Dorway, president of the research firm. “In the past, when customers needed historical data, we created a custom spreadsheet for them and that still works best for some of our more comprehensive data requests. But for those looking for standard balance sheet, income statement, key ratios and peer comparisons, even if they want to go back several years, Bauer’s New Historical Bank Report Generator is exactly what they need.”

Not only that, but automating the report has made it both affordable and immediately downloadable. The report costs substantially less than our custom spreadsheets making it accessible to virtually anyone wanting to look up their bank’s history in an inexpensive and understandable manner. And, it is available instantly upon checkout. We are thrilled to be able to bring this to the general public (see sample).

There is a wealth of information on this new report, much more than you would expect for the $78 price tag. But we are in the spirit of giving, so we are also including the Historical Bank Report Generator in our Unlimited Report Downloads Subscription. Subscribers to this download program have 24/7 access to data on over 10,000 U.S. financial institutions. Click on each hyperlink for more information on each report and to view samples:

That is a ton of information! All at your fingertips after a simple login to your account. And we may be crazy, but we are providing all of that for just $675 for one quarter or $2,025 for a year. If your business requires bank and/or credit union data, we suggest locking in that price today. We cannot guaranty how long it will last.

Order Unlimited Report Downloads Now.

Of course our star-ratings are still free on our website, and we still have all of the individual reports for those who don’t need this level of detail. To find out the rating of your bank or credit union, simply visit Look up as many ratings as you like. It really is free. While you’re there, check out our CD rate pages to get the best CD rates in the country and read Bauer’s Blog to get more insights into what’s going on in the banking industry, anytime and from anywhere.