Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bauer like other Rating Agencies I read about (like Moody's and Standard and Poor's)?

Bauer’s Star-Ratings are not the same as Standard and Poor’s or Moody’s.   BauerFinancial’s star-ratings are geared toward depositors whereas S&P, Moody’s and Fitch rate investment offerings. BauerFinancial rates the strength of the bank or credit union as a whole. If you are looking for a Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee, as a general guideline, Bauer’s ratings can be likened to the others as:

BauerFinancial           Moody's              Standard & Poor / Fitch

5-Stars                            Aaa                                    AAA

4-Stars                    Aa1, Aa2, Aa3                    AA+, AA, AA-

3½-Stars                     A1, A2, A3                           A+, A , A-

3-Stars                 Baa1, Baa2, Baa3                BBB+, BBB, BBB-

2-Stars                   Ba1, Ba2, Ba3                       BB+, BB, BB-

1-Star                        B1, B2, B3                            B+, B, B-

Zero-Stars                  Caa, Ca, C                        CCC, CC, C, D