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Top Consumer CD Rates from some of the Nation's Strongest Banks (Annual Percentage Yields are surveyed each week.) Please Note: Rates are as of the date noted below and are subject to change without notice. For best results, apply for your CD online via the link from this website. Some banks offer better rates online then they do through the mail, particularly if the bank has an online division. If sending money through the mail, please contact the institution beforehand.

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Surveyed on 06-18-2024

Money Market / Savings Accounts
Briodirect, a division of Webster Bank, N.A.CT5-Stars$255.300%MORE
Ivy Bank, a division of Cambridge SBMA4-Stars$2,5005.300%MORE
Vio Bank, a division of MidFirst BankOK4-Stars$1005.300%MORE
TAB BankUT4-Stars$15.270%MORE
CFG BankMD5-Stars$1,0005.250%MORE
UFB Direct, a Division of Axos BankCA5-Stars$1005.250%MORE
State Bank of TexasTX5-Stars$100,0005.220%MORE
Bread Savings, a division of Comenity Capital BankUT3½-Stars$1005.150%MORE
90 Day CDs
Bask Bank, a division of Texas Capital BankTX5-Stars$1,0005.350%MORE
Banesco USAFL5-Stars$05.250%MORE
Popular BankNY5-Stars$10,0005.250%MORE
Beal BankTX3½-Stars$1,0005.050%MORE
Beal Bank USANV3½-Stars$1,0005.050%MORE
First Bank of the LakeMO4-Stars$05.000%MORE
180 Day CDs
First Bank of the LakeMO4-Stars$1,0005.500%MORE
Raymond James BankFL4-Stars$5,0005.450%MORE
Bask Bank, a division of Texas Capital BankTX5-Stars$1,0005.350%MORE
Newtek Bank N.A.FL5-Stars$50,0005.350%MORE
Popular BankNY5-Stars$10,0005.350%MORE
Able Banking, a division of Northeast BankME4-Stars$1,0005.300%MORE
Beal BankTX3½-Stars$1,0005.250%MORE
Beal Bank USANV3½-Stars$1,0005.250%MORE
Colorado Federal Savings BankCO5-Stars$5,0005.250%MORE
Home Savings BankUT5-Stars$5,0005.250%MORE
igobanking, a division of Flushing BankNY5-Stars$1,0005.250%MORE
Rising Bank, a division of MidWest BankCentreMO5-Stars$05.250%MORE
Sun Canyon Bank, a division of Banterra BankIL5-Stars$5,0005.250%MORE
Vio Bank, a division of MidFirst BankOK4-Stars$5005.250%MORE
1 Year CDs
Cross River BankNJ4-Stars$5005.400%MORE
Raymond James BankFL4-Stars$5,0005.400%MORE
State Bank of TexasTX5-Stars$50,0005.400%MORE
CIBC Bank USAIL5-Stars$1,0005.360%MORE
CFG BankMD5-Stars$5005.310%MORE
Bank of UtahUT5-Stars$1,0005.300%MORE
Bask Bank, a division of Texas Capital BankTX5-Stars$1,0005.300%MORE
Bradesco BankFL5-Stars$50,0005.300%MORE
Colorado Federal Savings BankCO5-Stars$5,0005.300%MORE
Popular BankNY5-Stars$10,0005.300%MORE
18 Month CDs
Cross River BankNJ4-Stars$5005.450%MORE
Raymond James BankFL4-Stars$5,0005.200%MORE
Bask Bank, a division of Texas Capital BankTX5-Stars$1,0005.000%MORE
Bradesco BankFL5-Stars$5,0005.000%MORE
LendingClub Bank N.A.UT5-Stars$25,0005.000%MORE
Newtek Bank N.A.FL5-Stars$50,0005.000%MORE
Seattle BankWA3½-Stars$1,0005.000%MORE
First Internet Bank of IndianaIN5-Stars$1,0004.980%MORE
Colorado Federal Savings BankCO5-Stars$5,0004.950%MORE
Banesco USAFL5-Stars$04.900%MORE
LimeLight Bank,a division of Capital Community BankUT5-Stars$1,0004.900%MORE
TAB BankUT4-Stars$1,0004.900%MORE
2 Year CDs
Raymond James BankFL4-Stars$5,0005.100%MORE
Able Banking, a division of Northeast BankME4-Stars$1,0004.950%MORE
Bradesco BankFL5-Stars$5,0004.850%MORE
Colorado Federal Savings BankCO5-Stars$5,0004.800%MORE
First Internet Bank of IndianaIN5-Stars$1,0004.760%MORE
Bask Bank, a division of Texas Capital BankTX5-Stars$1,0004.750%MORE
First National Bank of AmericaMI4-Stars$1,0004.750%MORE
Newtek Bank N.A.FL5-Stars$50,0004.750%MORE
Seattle BankWA3½-Stars$1,0004.750%MORE
30 Month CDs
CIBC Bank USAIL5-Stars$25,0004.250%MORE
First Bank of the LakeMO4-Stars$04.250%MORE
Meridian BankPA4-Stars$5004.250%MORE
Beal BankTX3½-Stars$1,0004.000%MORE
Beal Bank USANV3½-Stars$1,0004.000%MORE
Capital One N.A.VA5-Stars$14.000%MORE
Everbank N.A.FL5-Stars$1,0004.000%MORE
Sallie Mae BankUT4-Stars$2,5004.000%MORE
3 Year CDs
Raymond James BankFL4-Stars$5,0004.950%MORE
Seattle BankWA3½-Stars$1,0004.650%MORE
First Internet Bank of IndianaIN5-Stars$1,0004.610%MORE
BMO Alto, a division of BMO Bank, N.A.IL5-Stars$100,0004.600%MORE
First National Bank of AmericaMI4-Stars$04.600%MORE
Newtek Bank N.A.FL5-Stars$50,0004.500%MORE
Popular BankNY5-Stars$10,0004.500%MORE
KS StateBankKS5-Stars$5004.420%MORE
4 Year CDs
Raymond James BankFL4-Stars$5,0004.800%MORE
Cross River BankNJ4-Stars$5004.750%MORE
BMO Alto, a division of BMO Bank, N.A.IL5-Stars$100,0004.700%MORE
Seattle BankWA3½-Stars$1,0004.550%MORE
First National Bank of AmericaMI4-Stars$1,0004.500%MORE
First Internet Bank of IndianaIN5-Stars$1,0004.450%MORE
KS StateBankKS5-Stars$5004.270%MORE
igobanking, a division of Flushing BankNY5-Stars$1,0004.250%MORE
Popular BankNY5-Stars$10,0004.250%MORE
5 Year CDs
BMO Alto, a division of BMO Bank, N.A.IL5-Stars$100,0004.800%MORE
Raymond James BankFL4-Stars$5,0004.700%MORE
First Internet Bank of IndianaIN5-Stars$1,0004.500%MORE
First National Bank of AmericaMI4-Stars$1,0004.500%MORE
Seattle BankWA3½-Stars$1,0004.500%MORE
Colorado Federal Savings BankCO5-Stars$5,0004.350%MORE
Popular BankNY5-Stars$10,0004.300%MORE
KS StateBankKS5-Stars$5004.160%MORE
Long Term CDs
First National Bank of AmericaMI4-Stars$1,0004.300%MORE
KS StateBankKS5-Stars$5004.060%MORE
Marcus by Goldman SachsNY5-Stars$5003.900%MORE
Discover BankDE4-Stars$2,5003.750%MORE
Vio Bank, a division of MidFirst BankOK4-Stars$5002.750%MORE