Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find my bank or credit union?

  1. Leading articles are removed, but aside from that institutions are listed exactly the way they file their call report.  As a result, if you looking for 1st when the institution files as First, you will not get a match.
  2. Try your search without entering the state OR try by only entering the state. These searches will get you more than you bargained for, but the institution you are looking for will likely be in the mix.
  3. Brand new institutions can take up to four months to appear on our site due to the lag time in receiving data from regulators.
  4. There are a handful of foreign banks that obtained FDIC-insured on U.S. branch(es). We do not have data on these banks, therefore we cannot rate them.

You may call the FDIC at 1.877.275.3342 or visit the FDIC's BankFind and search for "other insured" for a list of foreign banks that are FDIC-insured but are not rated by Bauer.