Look to the Stars to Guide You into 2022

We Analyze Banks & Credit Unions ...very carefully

Look to the Stars to Guide You into 2022

Coral Gables, Florida, December 13, 2021 Coral Gables, FL:  BauerFinancial, Inc., the nation’s premier Bank and Credit Union rating firm, reminds you to look to the stars—Bauer’s star-ratings that is, to make sure your deposits are in strong banks and/or credit unions as we head into 2022. Bauer’s analysis of third quarter 2021 financial data is now complete and star-ratings are now updated and available at to reflect the changes.

After the two years we have just endured, it is more important than ever to make sure your financial  house is in order. That means checking the rating of any institution where you have deposits and making sure that all of your deposits are fully-insured. The FDIC estimates that community banks alone have more than $760 billion in uninsured deposits; the nation’s credit unions have another $141 billion.

“Those numbers don’t even include the Big Banks,” remarked Karen Dorway, president of BauerFinancial, “and they have been growing. Uninsured deposits at community banks alone grew more than 26% over the 12 months ending September 30th. It really is surprisingly easy to exceed the deposit insurance limit,” she continued. “And regulators don’t always make the public aware of issues that might impact their financial institution. There is really only one place you can go to for an in-depth and unbiased, third-party analysis that you can take to the bank. That’s BauerFinancial and Bauer’s tried and true star-ratings. I encourage anyone with a deposit account, or a line of credit for that matter, to check their institution’s Bauer star-rating. It is well worth the few minutes it will take.”

To find out the rating of any federally-insured U.S. bank or credit union, simply visit Look up as many ratings as you like. It really is free. While you’re there, check out our CD rate pages to get the best CD rates in the country and read Bauer’s Blog to get more insights into what’s going on in the banking industry, anytime and from anywhere.

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